What is Social Mermaid?

Social Mermaid is a social media marketing tool for businesses.

 Our Team

Our Team includes social media marketing specialists. In fact, our founder Arielle aka “Digital Mermaid” has worked in Social Media Community Management for over 7 years. Other members of our team include software developers, designers, and retail/ service “main street” small business owners. 

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Why We Are “Smarketing” Platforms?


Our company’s workforce is made of main street business owners and entrepreneurs just like you. Our products are designed to help you extend your business locally. Oh, and guess what? We use the platforms we build within our companies, and we are here to help you get started and to teach you our secrets to building memorable content online.  Content management is a key and vital tool for keeping up with other businesses and to conquer the competition. So are you ready to give us try.

 Our Company’s Mission

Our mission is to provide our users with an experience full of quality and community. Our software tools are designed to help you shape your online social media presence in order to present your business or the businesses of your clients in a way that supports your mission, brand and generates revenue.

Inbound Strategy

Inbound Marketing is what we are all about at Digital Mermaid Marketing. Our goal is to capture our clients through engaging content, quality service and through the development of our communities. Especially those that are online. Find out more about this process.

 Pricing Options

Our Software is priced in a way to help you retain your ROI. In an ever-increasingly competitive space like Social Media marketing. We are trying to keep the costs down in terms of our software prices. Digital Mermaid does this by offering packages and solutions that differ in storage and connectivity. This is how we try and find the right plan that fits your budget.   

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