Integrations = Cost Savings 

Integrate your software with Social Mermaid.

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Social Mermaid Dashboard Integrations

Our Marketing Suite was designed to be a powerful hub built to harness all of the software you need to run your business. Social Mermaid fully integrates with 200+ business and marketing software services and solutions. This allows you to use the best software at the lowest prices by bundling those services you use into one collective bill.


Price Comparison

Purchasing Seperately Case Study

Michael’s restaurant used a combination of products to market and run his business. These included: 

  • Website Hosting $25/month
  • Website SSL Certificate $10/month
  • Social Posting Software $39/month
  • Email Marketing Software $199/month
  • POS Software $249/month
  • Phone Services $69/month
  • Social Media Manager $800/month
  • Advertising $1200/month

Total Monthly Spend $2,591

 After Engaging With Social Mermaid

Michael was able to lower his monthly costs by using our product and service bundles.

Social Mermaid Software $350.00/month

  • Web Hosting
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Posting Services
  • Custom Designed POS system
  • Phone Lines Through Google

Social Mermaid Marketing Services Package $1,200.00/month

  • Social Media Management
  • Reputation Management
  • Listings
  • Advertising

*NEW Total Monthly Spend $1550.00