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Manage all your marketing in one place with ease. Social Mermaid is an all in one small business marketing tool.

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Small business marketing

Social Mermaid is a TRUE saas product. Our multi-tenant architecture allows us to offer you more for your money, by allowing you to share the development, hosting, and support costs for our product with other small businesses. So we can offer more features to you at a lower costs.

  • Marketing Management

    Social Mermaid, the leading Intent Marketing Cloud, transforms a brand’s ability to deliver relevant and trustworthy business content across all locations, devices, and social media channels. Brands can now analyze and optimize how consumers engage with their businesses – from reviews to chatbots, videos to voice search, menus to product recommendations – with our easy-to-use SaaS platform. Our clients can adapt their local business content and information – on the fly – to match consumer buying behavior. This increases local brand awareness, customer acquisition and loyalty.

  • Dedicated Team Member

    Get amazing support. Every customer is given a success coach that is available for training at any time. Need help learning your software. We have you covered. Check out our in-app guides and solutions

  • Custom Analytics

    Social Mermaid's AI will always keep you informed with how your marketing efforts are progressing. Our system will provide you with weekly and monthly updates on how many phone calls, directions and unique website vistis are coming from platform controled marketing resources.

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Frequently Asked

Just contact us by email, phone or book a demo online and set up a time that works for you. A digital marketing consultant will walk you through the software.

Social Mermaid is designed to be hyper-localized, which means our software is designed to get you noticed locally. Our goal is to make your business stand out by employing local listings, customer reviews and social media content to bring in new business.

Social Mermaid is not a one-size-fits-all solution, and may not be ideal for some businesses. Businesses with the best results from our software include service businesses with independent locations. These included porfessional services; medical, legal, and real estate. Food establishments; restaurants, pizzarias, grocery and convenience stores. Schools and Childcare facilities; suchs as private schools, dance and music schools and preschool programs have all seen success using our platforms.

Social Mermaid software acts as a digital marketing web. We collect all your businesses data online in regard to your reviews, searches and instantly deliver that business content to consumers across search engines, social media, voice search, and digital profiles. Each week the platform will send you updates on your marketing efforts, letting you know how many people called, asked for directions and frequented your business.

Social Mermaid connects to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google My Business. Our software lets you build and brand your content from with in one application. Set posting schedules to save you time and make sure your content is well streamed and visable.

We work with over 22 different review platforms and sites. Our software is sector specific which means we only connect you to the platforms that make sense for you. If you are a realtor for example, we would connect your reviews to and Zillow instead of a site like Zomato which is suited for a pizzaria or delivery food establishment.

You can cancel your subscription at anytime, we have absolutely no contracts for single use locations only for enterprise level clients. We also offer discounts! These are based on the length of your service time and number of locations. Please see our pricing page for more information.

Yes! Social Mermaid is a marketing software designed by Digital Mermaid Marketing, A Philadelphia based marketing firm that provides services such as; web hosting, email, web and app design, PPC campaigns and more. For more information please visit Digital Mermaid Marketing