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Frequently Asked Questions


Why Is Content Management Is So Necessary?

Content Management is a tangible way to control your visibility on Social Media Platforms. Strategizing your content can be an effective tool to engaging new and old customers. 

How To Get Started With the App?

Once you create an account, attach your social media accounts and file management apps to your Social Mermaid account. From there you can create groups and manage all your social media from one place. 

Whats to come?

We are working on new improvements to our software this year including Youtube, Linkedin and more advanced Instagram features.  

How To Get Started With us?

Sign in and start a free account. Free accounts let you post to facebook, twitter, and Instagram all from one platform. 

Why does post Watermarking matter?

Configuring a watermark for your post is an awesome way to brand and bring brand awareness to your social media content. 

Why is In-app photo editing important?

In-app editing allows you to design your posts before pushing them live. You can stay branded on all platforms so your marketing is cohesive. 

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