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This report is broken up into 6 areas - Overall Score, Listings Score, Reviews Score, Social Score, Advertising Score, SEO Score, and Website Score. We want to touch on each section and why it is important to your overall success.


Overall Score - This provides an overall comparison when compared with your competitors in any given marketplace. This report is viewed as a guide to help you improve your business's online reputation and presence. You should always try to achieve a higher score. 





Listing Score - It's critical that your local or regional business can be found online.  Being listed on the major platforms with accurate  information is the cornerstone for local SEO. If your score is low, then you should  look at the accuracy among data providers and how your presence is populated on all business listing platforms. If your score is high then you should monitor those providers and keep the data accurate and your score high.



Reviews Score - This section looks all of your reviews. The number of reviews, how recent those reviews are, and the average score of reviews; this all plays a role in how your business is reflected in search resutls among major search engines. Remember that you need to have recent reviews in addition to 5-star reviews to populate in the #1 search rank. The higher the search rant the more clients and customers you should expect. 



Social Score - This score is derived from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. A number of posts/tweets, followers, following, and averages across the board. Steady engagement across all platforms is an industry best practice to help keep clients engaged, but also active posting helps keep your business search rank high. 



A sample report is displayed below. Your report will be very similar, but customized to your business. At the bottom of this page is the section where you can enter your information to receive the FREE report. You do need to give us some basic information (we can't run the report without it), if your business does not automatically pull up you may need to enter the basic information manually.




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